Welcome to the series of Bible studies titled Am I Truly Following Jesus? These studies are designed to take about 15 to 20 minutes a day. They can be used for individual study, but they are designed to be used in small group Bible studies throughout communities. We have much to learn from one another, and we need the accountability that small groups provide.


The purpose of these studies is to help you truly follow Jesus by encouraging you to:

  • Let Jesus be Lord of your life by surrendering every area of your life to Him.
  • Spend time daily with Him in prayer and in the study of His Word, the Bible.
  • Apply the Word to your life and to the problems you face.
  • Teach what you learn to others who, in turn, will teach others.

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Key Features

These studies:

  • Promote a daily time with the Lord.
  • Are simple yet allow you to become spiritually mature by teaching you to study and apply the Bible on your own.
  • Can be used by persons of any age and level of education or income. This means that you can disciple friends or family members with this Bible study series without requiring you to familiarize yourself with other studies targeted to special groups.
  • Are free and can be downloaded from this website. Permission is granted to make reprints of studies and appendices as long as they are not changed.

Organization of Studies

The Bible studies have been grouped into two major divisions, not including the introductory self-examination.

  1. Principal studies: These studies explore the character of God, the amazing plan He has for reconciling the world to Himself through the sacrifice of Jesus, and the commandments God has given to protect you and help you live a life pleasing to Him. The remaining studies help apply these truths to everyday life. Several studies on important Christian principles are included during the early part of the series.
  2. Additional studies: These provide a study of key spiritual truths for people seeking spiritual truth and for those new to the Christian faith. They also offer both brief and extended versions of God’s overall plan for mankind as found in Scripture.

In the Appendices, you will find additional material on using Bible study methods, implementing discipleship principles, leading home Bible studies, sharing your faith, and hearing God. There is also a list of other recommended studies.

The studies are meant to help you learn how to do an in-depth study of the Bible and to help you learn how to continue studying on your own. You need to learn to spend time daily with the Lord and His Word. It is usually best to study something that interests you, so feel free to jump to a particular topic in which you have a strong interest.

We hope these studies prove useful. Please let us know if you have suggestions regarding changes or additional studies. Send your questions and suggestions to trulyfollowingjesus@ccci.org.